Central force

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(Math.) a force acting upon a body towards or away from a fixed or movable center.

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His sonnet sequence, 'The House of Life,' one of the most notable in English, exalts earthly Love as the central force in the world and in rather fragmentary fashion traces the tragic influence of Change in both life and love.
Instead of bashing local politicians and judicial system, the need of the hour is to reestablish foreign political ties with natural allies of Pakistan like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran so that we are reckoned as a force with integrity.As a student of politics and history this situation reminds me of the OIC initiative taken by Bhutto that gave Muslim counties a central force to unite while g
Banks is credited by ACCF as being a central force in expanding the nonprofit, nonpartisan economic policy organization's ability to impact federal public policy at the congressional and executive level.
California, a central force in the sustainable energy industry, has become the first state in the country to adopt energy efficiency requirements for desktop, laptops and monitors.
Earlier, SANA's reporter in Homs said that Army and Armed Forces unit killed a number of terrorists in al-Rastan area including Mohammad Yousef al-Deekh, Mohammad Dali, Anwar al-Shamir, sniper Hussein Omar Dali, a sniper known as "Abu Islam" from the so-called "Central Force of Ahrar al-Cham," Fayz Ali, and Abdelaziz Shano.
Foreign investors' enthusiasm for Abenomics was a central force in driving up Japanese stock prices.'
However, the central force for economic growth is the private sector, which requires a good investment climate and which encourages firms to invest and create jobs."
Over years of often-difficult meetings, I began to form an image of a Jewish identity unlike the one I grew up with: one that didn't have the darkness of the Holocaust as its central force. But could there really be an alternative, something that authentically celebrates what existed before the war?
Warburg in 1925, AFiru has been a central force in Hebrew University's rise to international prominence.
Mauger kept his job and then made counter-claims against Smith and the Central force, meaning the row rumbled on.
The costs incurred from the event were taken from a central force budget so North Wales Police does not have a breakdown of the costs for each area.
If he's as fit as he says why didn't he take up the offer from Roy Hodgson (below) to be the central force in a rejuvenated West Brom and shine week-in, week-out?
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