centrifugal force

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centrifugal force

The apparent force, equal and opposite to the centripetal force, drawing a rotating body away from the center of rotation, caused by the inertia of the body.

centrifugal force

(General Physics) a fictitious force that can be thought of as acting outwards on any body that rotates or moves along a curved path

centrif′ugal force′

the force, equal and opposite to the centripetal force, experienced by a body moving along a curved path and appearing to propel the body outward.

cen·trif·u·gal force

The apparent force that seems to cause a body turning around a center to move away from the center. Centrifugal force is not a true force but is actually an example of inertia. See Note at centripetal force.
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Noun1.centrifugal force - the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body
force - (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration"
centripetal force - the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body
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The model rate "n" was 100, and the corresponding centrifugal acceleration was 100 g.
The maximum centrifugal acceleration is 100 g for dynamic tests.
The model slope was installed on the centrifuge machine, and increasing centrifugal acceleration was applied at steps of 5 g.
The Planetary Mono Mill PULVERISETTE 6 is suited for speed milling with doubled drive power and extremely high centrifugal acceleration down to the nano range.
Mill features low rpm, centrifugal acceleration, vortex flow pattern, and 360[degrees] discharging screen.