Centrifugal filter

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Cen`trif´u`gal fil´ter

1.A filter, as for sugar, in which a cylinder with a porous or foraminous periphery is rapidly rotated so as to drive off liquid by centrifugal action.
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Centrifugal filter tube (Millipore: Microcon Ultrafree-MC 5.
The centrifuge is optimized for use with Millipore's Ultrafree(r)-MC centrifugal filter and Microcon(r) device.
Among the products used for the test at the 2004 Games were Millipore's Centricon centrifugal filter units and Immobilon transfer membranes.
Then the air is chanelled further into a centrifugal filter where 99.
The Series 5015 centrifugal filter by DiXie Air Systems has a 5,000 cfm external vacuum, which can work with up to an 8-in.
763/803 Coal-mill-gearboxoil sump-bottom ( 1150 litre cap) & discharging the same to centrifugal filter at minimum 7 kg/cm2 pressurewith minimum discharge 60LPM .