Centrifugal machine

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A machine for expelling water or other fluids from moist substances, or for separating liquids of different densities by centrifugal action; a whirling table.

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Centrifugal Machine, Butyrometer, Milk Pipette, acid/alcohol tilt measure, Sediment Tester etc for the year 2017-18.
I had marveled at the pale blood color of the cells when I'd last seen them after the harvestthe retrieval that had happened by running all of Roy's blood several times out and back into his body through a centrifugal machine, a process that had been a marvel in itselfand now again the pale color was captivating.
A centrifugal machine grates the produce and spins it to extract the juice, a cold press crushes the produce then squeezes the juice from it.
Supply of a centrifugal machine for the processing of dental medicine accessories and parts.
Bond of Massachusetts invented a similar centrifugal machine.
Because castings shrink away from the walls of the mold in a centrifugal machine as they cool, the draft can be as low as 1 degree, with 3 degrees being the standard.
Using these anticipated cash flows and the 12% cost of capital, the analyst has concluded that the replacement of a single old reciprocating machine by a new high efficiency centrifugal machine is not economically justifiable, since the NPV of the analysis is negative:
Figure 2 shows the design of a centrifugal machine with the vertical axis of rotation which can be used in the centrifugal electroslag casting system.
Equipment needed: 1 Pasteurizer (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Homogenizer (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Ripening Machine (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Centrifugal Machine (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Boiler 20-30HP; 1 Vacuum Sealer; 1 liquid filler; 1 Mixer; 1 or 2 Cheese Tub for the curdling of milk.