Centrifugal machine

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A machine for expelling water or other fluids from moist substances, or for separating liquids of different densities by centrifugal action; a whirling table.

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Centrifugal Machine for B-Massecuite Curing
A centrifugal machine grates the produce and spins it to extract the juice, a cold press crushes the produce then squeezes the juice from it.
The claims to retailers that spread the notion that cold-pressing is much better than using a faster centrifugal machine because the produce is not "cooked" by heated-up rotary blades needs to be scientifically proven and permitted by the FDA to make such claims.
Because castings shrink away from the walls of the mold in a centrifugal machine as they cool, the draft can be as low as 1 degree, with 3 degrees being the standard.
Figure 2 shows the design of a centrifugal machine with the vertical axis of rotation which can be used in the centrifugal electroslag casting system.
Equipment needed: 1 Pasteurizer (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Homogenizer (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Ripening Machine (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Centrifugal Machine (capacity 2,000 liters per hour); 1 Boiler 20-30HP; 1 Vacuum Sealer; 1 liquid filler; 1 Mixer; 1 or 2 Cheese Tub for the curdling of milk.