Magdeburg centuries

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Heinz Scheible, Die Entstehung der Magdeburger Zenturien, Schriften des Vereins fur Reformationsgeschichte 183 (Gutersloh: Gerd Mohn 1966); Enrico Norelli, "The Authority Attributed to the Early Church in the Centuries of Magdeburg and the Ecclesiastical Annals of Caesar Baronius," in The Reception of the Church Fathers in the West, ed.
He is also known as the author of the first-ever treatise of biblical hermeneutics (Clavis sacrae Scripturae), as commentator of the New Testament (Glossa compendiaria), as the author of the Catalogus testium veritatis, where he sets out to show that Luther's criticism of the papacy had the backing of most medieval theologians and institutions, and as coordinator of the Centuries of Magdeburg, the multi-volume history of the church, which broke with the traditional methods of history writing.