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n. pl.1.(Zool.) The cephalata.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Indeed, only five species (Antennaria neglecta [cat's foot], Carex bicknellii [Bicknell's sedge], Carex cephalophora [sedge], Potentilla arguta [prairie cinquefoil] and Solidago rigida [stiff goldenrod]) newly colonized the sample plots after 1991 and occurred with greater than 5% frequency (Grese and Heslinga, unpublished data).
Other grasses were the most abundant herbaceous material (35%) including winter grass, spear grass, oldfield threeawn, love grass, ovalleaf sedge (Carex cephalophora), arrowfeather, starved rosette grass, and hairy gramagrass (Bouteloua hirsuta).
Bulboschoenus fluviatilis (Torr.) Sojak.: P42161 Carex bicknellii Britt.: P41837 Carex brachyglossa Mack.: P41796 Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb.: P40911 Carex cephalophora Muhl.: P41783 Carex conoidea Schk.: P39462 Carex cristatella Britt.: P40320 Carex haydenii Dewey: observed Carex longii Mack.: P40210 Carex pellita Willd.: P39768 Carex pensylvanica Lam.: observed Carex sartwellii Dewey: P41793 Carex scoparia Schk.: P39769 Carex stricta Lam.: observed Carex swanii (Fern.) Mack.: P39819 Carex umbellata Schk.: P39461 Carex vulpinoidea Michx.: P41794 Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl.: P40110 Cyperus esculentus L.: P40109 Cyperus strigosus L.: P42150 Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roem.
4 D) y Jacaranda arborea y en la superficie adaxial de Ouratea revoluta, Symphysza alainzz y Scolosanthus wrightzanus, la abaxial de Votomita monantha y en ambas superficies de Schradera cephalophora.
Carex cephalophora Muhl.; E4065, E4733, Evers 90753
These included perennials such as Fragaria virginiana, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Carex cephalophora, and Vitis vulpina (C = 2-3) and a few species with C = 4 (Table 1).