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 (sē′fē-ĭd, sĕf′ē-)
Any of a class of intrinsically variable stars with exceptionally regular periods of light pulsation.

[From Cepheus.]
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(ˈsɛphiːɪd) astronomy
a type of variable star with a regular cycle of variations in luminosity
relating to or resembling a variable star with a regular cycle of variations in luminosity
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Cepheid, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., is developing versatile, miniaturized instruments that perform all the steps required to rapidly analyze genetic material found in complex biological samples -- sample preparation, amplification, and detection.
We present analysis of two double model Cepheid variable stars, BQ Serpens and VX Puppis.
Diagnostics company Cepheid disclosed on Tuesday the receipt of clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for expanded claims for the 'super bug' Xpert Carba-R molecular test to aid clinicians in determining appropriate therapeutic strategy for pure colony specimens.
Cepheid's updated Winter Care Bundle of Xpert molecular diagnostic tests is a valuable tool kit in the battle against virulent infections.
(NYSE: DHR) has received antitrust clearances in the United States, Germany, Austria and South Africa, which comprise all of the governmental approvals required as a closing condition pursuant to the merger agreement executed in connection with its pending acquisition of California-based molecular diagnostics company Cepheid (NASDAQ: CPHD), the company said.
Fernie of David Dunlap Observatory, [states] that a very well-known Cepheid variable star, RU Camelopardalis, has recently ceased to pulsate and now appears to be practically constant in brightness!
Polaris is what astronomers call a Cepheid variable star, a pulsating star used by scientists to measure distances in space.
Polaris is the nearest known Cepheid variable, a type of star used to measure the distances to other galaxies and the rate of expansion of the universe.--R.C.
Cepheid (Sunnyvale, CA) has been issued United States Patent 6,878,540 entitled "Device for Lysing Cells, Spores, or Microorganisms", United States Patent 6,881,541 entitled "Method for Analyzing a Fluid Sample", and United States Patent 6,887,693 entitled "Device and Method for Lysing Cells, Spores, or Microorganisms".
Cepheid (Nasdaq: CPHD) has been certified for ISO 9001 through Underwriters Laboratories Inc.