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 (sē′fē-ĭd, sĕf′ē-)
Any of a class of intrinsically variable stars with exceptionally regular periods of light pulsation.

[From Cepheus.]


(ˈsɛphiːɪd) astronomy
a type of variable star with a regular cycle of variations in luminosity
relating to or resembling a variable star with a regular cycle of variations in luminosity
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NGC 3972 also contains many pulsating stars called Cepheid variables.
Solar research, studies of Cepheid variables and of the zodiacal light are especially prominent.
This is done by locating pulsing stars, called Cepheid variables, whose cycles of intensity and dimness indicate their brightness.
That's not much of a change from 2013, but it is about 6 km/s slower than estimates obtained by measuring the distance and velocities of supernovas and stars called Cepheid variables, which predictably fluctuate in brightness (SN: 4/5/14, p.
Whitelock have found a number of Cepheid variables in a direction about opposite to the Galactic Centre (Nature on-line 14 May 2014).
It is also home to two important variable stars; delta Cephei, prototype of the Cepheid variables, and mu Cephei, the semi-regular Garnet Star named by Sir William Herschel and one of the reddest naked eye stars in the sky (although this is totally lost on the colour-blind Director).
They believe that a class of stars known as Type 1 Cepheid Variables would be ideal for ETIs to use to communicate across the universe.
The standard candle method is used when the luminosity of a class of objects, such as Cepheid Variables, is well understood.
These stars are called Cepheid variables because the first one discovered was in the constellation Cepheus.
Cepheid variables hold a place among the stars most valued by professional astronomers.
The five stars are Cepheid variables, whose brightness fluctuates regularly.