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 (sā′räm′, sĕ-räN′)
See Seram.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Seram


or Se•ram

(sɪˈræm, ˈseɪ rɑm)

an island of the Moluccas in Indonesia, W of New Guinea. 100,000; 7191 sq. mi. (18,625 sq. km).
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Four different composites of A3 shade: Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill (Ivoclar-Vivadent), Nanoceram-Bright (DMP), Ceram.
Ceram has a number of white papers on its website, including "Multi-Substituted Hydroxyapatites and their Role in Bone Replacement," "Towards the Future of Controlled Release Applications" and "Stents - New Materials and Technologies for the Future.
Ceram, which works with sectors including healthcare, construction, ceramics and aerospace to develop and test new products and processes, is planning growth across its service range.
has commissioned Ceram to conduct research into using geopolymerisation as part of the waste disposal process.
This will allow Ceram to offer, among other things, confirmation of consistency of raw and finished manufacturing materials, surface modification and sample weathering studies, analysis of unknown solvents and detergents and identification of manufacturing impurities and defects.
max Ceram previa preparacion de la estructura con un acondicionador o Zirliner, un agente de union entre la ceramica de recubrimiento y la estructura.
CERAM Business School: CERAM, the higher Education Institution of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1963.
In 1990, was bought out by the CERAM group, which went on to become the world's second largest manufacturer of porcelain insulators.
CERAM Research, Staffordshire, England, and Coventry Univ.
CERAM Research and Coventry University have received funding to research and develop new potential end markets in the hope of diverting used plasterboard away from landfill sites.
KUFPEC of Kuwait, one of the other operators in West Papua, produces 18,000 b/d of fuel oil and 2,000 b/d of naphtha in its onshore Ceram PSC block.
NGK said its Ceram Vision -- a large display ranging in size from 60 inches (150 cm) to 120 inches for such public spaces as railway stations and airports -- and the 121 cm by 29 cm Ceram Board are slated for launch next spring and will be the world's first commercial application of ceramic displays.