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 (sîr′ə-mĭd′, sĕr′-)
Any of a group of lipids that are formed by the linking of a fatty acid to sphingosine, are found in cell membranes, and help to regulate the differentiation, proliferation, and death of cells.

[cer(ebroside), any of various glycolipids containing sphingosine and found especially in brain and nerve tissue (cerebr(o)- + -ose + -ide) + amide.]


(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of biologically important compounds used as moisturizers in skin-care preparations
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The four layers of the epidermis contain ceramides that play a critical role in creating the natural barrier that holds in moisture, keeps out infection--and prevents wrinkles.
CeraVe Skin Renewing Gel Oil contains Ceraplex--a combination of five ceramides and sunflower blend to give skin a ceramide boost The oil may be used in combination with the Renewing Day Cream or another facial moisturizer.
The new day cream also contains three essential ceramides, which help to restore the protective skin barrier and provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.
Ceramides are the major component of the skin's surface.
Based on Lipogrid technology, the US FDA 510(k) cleared Ceramax allows the physiological lipids to blend in with the skin's natural lipid building blocks and penetrate beyond the stratum corneum, where they contribute to the synthesis of ceramides, cholesterol and other free fatty acids, added the company.
atherosclerosis) and release an encapsulated drug, but unlike natural ceramides do not interact with cells to trigger responses such as apoptosis.
To be optimal in supporting the stratum corneum in patients with atopic dermatitis, physiologic lipid formulations must include ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids, respectively, in which molar ratio?
Although the researchers emphasize that the link between the fats and AD is not well understood, ceramides are involved in inflammation and cell death.
Marks & Spencer Formula Time Defying Ceramide Eye Cream: This lightweight cream has ceramides to help retain moisture in the fight against wrinkles.
While ceramides sound like the latest terracotta bathroom tiles, they are, in fact, oils that occur naturally in the skin.
The CeraVe line includes facial cleansers, moisturizers, healing ointments, sunscreens and baby care products, each made with the three ceramides essential to healthy skin, according to the company.