a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epibranchial in a branchial arch.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(7) The central axis includes the paraglossal, basihyal, and urohyal bones and articulates with the hyoid horns, comprising the ceratobranchial and epibranchial bones (Fig 4c).
Mandible, ceratobranchial, cleithrum and gill arches were the initial skeletal structures appeared at 3 DPH that supported the vital life functions such as feeding and respiration.
Proximally, this cartilage is fused with the first ceratobranchial cartilage and articulated with the distal margin of the first hypobranchial cartilage.
[40] Distal edge of first hypobranchial (Costa 2004a) (CI: 1.00; RI: 1.00): (0) articular face restricted to cartilaginous head of first ceratobranchial; (1) articular face anteriorly expanded.
The hyoid apparatus of the Chinese goose is composed of a single entoglossal bone, paired rostral basibranchial bones, an urohyal bone, paired ceratobranchial bones, and paired epibranchial bones.
Fully formed gill rakers, only present on leading edge of first ceratobranchial, are 8 (from one cleared and stained L.