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Noun1.Ceratodontidae - lungfishes having hornlike ridges on the teeth
fish family - any of various families of fish
Dipnoi, subclass Dipnoi - bony fishes of the southern hemisphere that breathe by a modified air bladder as well as gills; sometimes classified as an order of Crossopterygii
genus Ceratodus - type genus of the Ceratodontidae: extinct genus of lungfishes
genus Neoceratodus, Neoceratodus - extant Australian lungfishes
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III: Ceratodontidae (Peces, Osteichthyes, Dipnoi) de la Formacion Coli Toro y de otras unidades del Cretacico tardio de Patagonia y Sur de Mendoza.
Subclass DIPNOI Mailer 1845 Order CERATODONTIFORMES Berg 1940 Family CERATODONTIDAE Gill 1872 Genus CERATODUS Agassiz 1838 CERATODUS TEXANUS sp.
Ptychoceratodontidae and Ceratodontidae. Martin (1982a) recognized the Ptychoceratodontidae and Ceratodontidae based on lungfish tooth plates with four to six ridge crests.