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Noun1.Ceratopsia - horned dinosaurs
animal order - the order of animals
Marginocephalia, marginocephalian, suborder Marginocephalia - includes boneheaded (pachycephalosaurs) and horned (ceratopsian) dinosaurs
ceratopsian, horned dinosaur - any of several four-footed herbivorous dinosaurs with enormous beaked skulls; of the late Cretaceous in North America and Mongolia
Ceratopsidae, family Ceratopsidae - American ceratopsian dinosaurs
genus Protoceratops - small horned dinosaurs
genus Triceratops - genus of herbivorous horned dinosaurs
genus Styracosaurus - genus of horned dinosaurs
genus Psittacosaurus - most primitive genus of horned dinosaurs; early Cretaceous
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Two species of oribatid mites were identified, Ceratopia bipilis Diapterobates humeralis.