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Noun1.Cercidium - spiny shrubs or small trees sometimes placed in genus Parkinsonia: paloverdeCercidium - spiny shrubs or small trees sometimes placed in genus Parkinsonia: paloverde
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Caesalpinioideae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae - alternative name in some classification systems for the family Caesalpiniaceae
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understory species 0.49 -0.16 -0.36 % plant cover -0.30 0.36 0.59 % sand or silt 0.40 0.16 0.06 % small rock -0.60 -0.41 -0.17 % medium rock 0.12 0.49 -0.09 % large rock 0.15 -0.40 0.44 Major tree species (a) Major shrub species (b) Major understory species (c) Eigenvalue 1.79 1.32 1.12 % variance explained 22.36 16.51 14.06 (a) PADI, Pachycormus discolor; FOSP, Fouquieria spp.; BUMI, Bursera hindsiana; BUMI, Bursera microphylla; OLTE, Olneva tesota; CEMI, Cercidium microphyllum; PAPR, Pachycereus pringlei.
The canopy species, Texas paloverde (Cercidium texanum) and bufflegrass (Cenchrus ciliaris), accounted for the largest departures from random for the spatial distribution of bladderpods.
T glandulosa Screwbean Prosopis pubescens T Mulberry, White Morus alba T Olive, European Olea europaea T Pagoda tree, Japanese Sophora japonica T Paloverde Blue Cercidium floridum T Little leaf Cercidium microphyllum T Mexican Parkinsonia aculeata T Pine Aleppo Pinus halepensis T Digger Pinus sabiniana T Italian stone Pinus pinea T Japanese black Pinus thunbergii T Pinyon Pinus cembroides T Pistache, Chinese Pistacia chinensis T Poplar Balm-of-Gilead Populus balsamifera T Bolleana Populus alba var.
Examples of nonthirsty plants include palo verde (Cercidium sp.
In their native habitat, these trees, such as the Paloverde tree (Cercidium floridum), hawthorns (Crataegus), and others, often develop included bark in branch unions.
Herbivore-limited establishment of a Sonoran Desert tree, Cercidium microphyllum.
Other abundant plants include creosote bushes (Larrea, Zygophyllaceae), mimosoid legumes such as mesquites (Prosopis), acacias (Acacia), caesalpinoid legumes such as Jerusalem thorn (Parkinsonia), palo verde (Cercidium), Fabaceae such as chanar (Geoffroea), desert ironwood (Olneya), tarbrush, (Flourensia, Aster-aceae), and frankenias (Frankenia, Frankeniaceae).
limbatus, females ovipositing on Cercidium floridum, a relatively poor-quality host plant, produce larger daughters that in turn produce larger and faster developing granddaughters, as compared to females ovipositing on Acacia greggii (a relatively high-quality host plant) (Fox et al.
Most pods (70%) of Cercidium floridum (Leguminosae) contain only one seed even though ovaries contain 8.2 [+ or -] 0.18 (mean [+ or -] SE) ovules.
Los conjuntos de indicadores estuvieron conformados por: Inundaciones (Copernicia alba, Cyperaceae y Juncaginaceae), Incendios (Acacia aroma, Acacia caven, Acacia praecox, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco, Bromelia, Prosopis rucsifolia, Schinus y Trithrinax), Pastoreo (Abutilon, Acacia aroma, Acacia caven, Acacia praecox, Capparicordis, Cercidium praecox, Chamissoa, Gomphrena, Nicotiana glauca, Prosopis kuntzei, Prosopis ruscifolia y Solanum, Urticaceae) y Malezas de cultivo (Abutilon, Amaranthaceae/Chenopodiaceae, Ambrosia, Nicotiana glauca, Solidago chilensis y Urticacea).