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Noun1.Cercospora - form genus of imperfect fungi that are leaf parasites with long slender spores
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Dematiaceae, family Dematiaceae - family of imperfect mushrooms having dark-colored hyphae or conidia
Cercospora kopkei, yellow spot fungus - fungus causing yellow spot (a sugarcane disease in Australia)
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Observations taken: Data on yield attributes such as days to 50% flowering and maturity, plant height, branches/plant, capsules/plant, seeds/capsule, seed yield, dry biomass and reaction to major insect pests and diseases such as-capsule borer, powdery mildew, Cercospora leaf spot, leaf blight and phyllody were taken.
Evaluacion del dano conjunto de tres adversidades biologicas de la soja: Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hubner), Piezodorus guildinii (Westwood) y Cercospora sojina Hara segun estrategia de manejo del cultivo.
Similarly, farmers have been using Benomyl for the management of anthracnose of avocado in South Africa although it is registered for the control of Cercospora spot of avocado [24].
The fungal pathogens included in this test using Pf-4 and Pf-6 were Fusarium solani, Rhizoctonia bataticola, Alternaria sesami, Colletotrichum gleoesporioides, Xanthomonas axonopodis pv punicae, Macrophomina phaseolina, Cercospora capsici and Sclerotium rolfsii.
& Bubak]), gray leaf spot (Cercospora sorghi Ellis & Everh.), target leaf spot (Bipolaris sorghicola [Lefebvre & Sherwin] Alcorn), and zonate leaf spot (Gloeocercospora sorghi D.
Image type Mean Mean square Entropy Energy value error No symptoms of image 14767 13.87 5.82 0.019 Big spot disease 109.30 30.27 6.80 0.012 Cochliobolus 125.11 43.41 7.01 0.010 heterostrophus Gray leaf spot 12728 32.63 6.85 0.011 Cercospora leaf spot 146.01 26.39 6.64 0.012 Anthrax 147.14 32.11 6.90 0.009 Table 2: Gray information of pest disease image.
In addition, it should be pointed out the importance of detecting phytopathogenic fungi of the crop still in the seeds, because they are able to cause reduction in germination and initial development of soybean seedlings, besides efficiently spreading diseases such as stem and pod canker, purple seed stain, and anthracnose and fusariosis caused by Phomopsis sp., Cercospora kikuchii and Fusarium spp.