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n. pl.1.(Antiq.) Public festivals in honor of Ceres.
2.The cereals.
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The club of Marlott alone lived to uphold the local Cerealia.
Cerealia Facula, an area in the center of the crater, consists of bright material covering a 6-mile-wide pit, within which sits a small dome.
The spots, forming a bright area called Cerealia Facula at Occator's center and a complex of secondary spots, collectively called Vinalia Faculae, on its eastern floor, appear to be deposits of carbonate-rich salts--residue from briny flows that gurgled up from a fluid reservoir (perhaps a global ocean) deep in the asteroid's interior.
For example, vegetal cover changes and the presence of Cerealia in so-called pollen zones B3b-B5a at the Charco da Candeeira were dated to c.
Several players, such as Mondelez Sverige AB and LantmEnnnen Cerealia AB have started focusing on and promoting their portion packs for other hot drinks.
Otros estudios palinologicos denuncian, por su parte y en general, niveles siempre continuos y estables de Cerealia, lo que lleva a pensar en una agricultura cerealista constante; ahora bien, dichos porcentajes son lo suficientemente bajos como para impedir otorgar una importancia excesiva a dicha actividad y llevan a calificarla de subsidiaria (Yll 1995: 367-369).
The presence of Cerealia and Cannabis/Humulus-type pollen and ruderals, and sharp fluctuations in the quantity of charcoal dust prove human presence and activities in the area.
15 December 2009 - Lantmannen Cerealia has withdrawn some crushed linseed products manufactured under the GoGreen brand in Sweden after finding traces of a genetically modified linseed.
30 September 2009 - Norwegian food giant Rieber & Son ASA (OSL: RIE) said today it will book a NOK50m gain from the sale of its Sopps brand and portfolio of pasta products to Swedish company Lantmnnen Cerealia AB.
Sed licet uariis malis numen Arcadis alitis obsitum miserans ducem peste soluerit hospitis, iam tamen mala remiges ore pocula traxerant, iam sues Cerealia glande pabula uerterant et nihil manet integrum uoce, corpore perditis.
While Tess performs in a May Day Cerealia, her demure charm rises to claim Angel from his clerical-minded brothers who want to continue reading A Counterblast to Agnosticism.
In Rome, where religion was closely tied to political power, the same applied (99-100): the Ludi Saeculares (100), the triumphal processions (100), the Cerealia (100), Fornacilia (100-01) and Parilia (101).