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n. pl.1.(Antiq.) Public festivals in honor of Ceres.
2.The cereals.
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The club of Marlott alone lived to uphold the local Cerealia.
undetermined Cereals Cereals, Cerealia undetermined Cereals, Cerealia rachis segments Wild Goat grass Aegilops grasses Goat grass, Aegilops spikelet base Brome grass Bromus Eremopyrum Grass Type 1 Poaceae spp.
Lantmannen Cerealia and Rieber & Son Ink Agreement II-18
The presence of Cerealia and Cannabis/Humulus-type pollen and ruderals, and sharp fluctuations in the quantity of charcoal dust prove human presence and activities in the area.
15 December 2009 - Lantmannen Cerealia has withdrawn some crushed linseed products manufactured under the GoGreen brand in Sweden after finding traces of a genetically modified linseed.
In Rome, where religion was closely tied to political power, the same applied (99-100): the Ludi Saeculares (100), the triumphal processions (100), the Cerealia (100), Fornacilia (100-01) and Parilia (101).
Among them are Crustimex Seafood GmbH of Hamburg (a member of the Stockmeyer Group), baked goods specialist Cerealia Unibake (whose brands include Hatting and Paaskebrod), and value-added vegetable producer Pinguin of Belgium.
For example, we are told that "the glaring absence of men" in the Cerealia, in Tess, "reveals that Christianity has suppressed the Old-Style May-Days" (pp.
As part of the Cerealia international food group, Kungsornen's distribution arm is based at one of the Group's Swedish manufacturing sites, at Jarna, outside of Stockholm, where the company makes use of a variety of BT trucks, several of which are CTX combis, all requiring skilled operation.
The Swiss owner of Boryspil, Cerealia, says the firm will invest several million dollars to upgrade the plant.
It appears to have its origins in Cerealia, a Roman festival, held on April 1.