Cerebral apoplexy

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Among the rest, the National Class 1 new drug "EBP" with owned intellectual property rights takes the lead in the global market of ischemic cerebral apoplexy therapy, filling a blank of National Class 1 new drug in Hebei Province, and the intellectual property rights thereof are protected in 86 countries around the world.
Epidemiological Investigation and Risk Factors Analysis of Cerebral Apoplexy in Six Cities and Provinces.
In cases where there are no specific neurological symptoms, asymptomatic encephalopathy was found in brain imaging examinations and those having no specific neurological symptoms also showed increased stroke incidence rates or an increased prevalence of cerebral apoplexy, early death, neurological defects and cognitive impairment later.15
There were still some doubts on it in this study: both cerebral apoplexy and coronary heart disease incidences were relatively low in the two groups (1.6% ~3.4%).
[sup][5],[6] The lesions became irreversible from type IV and were termed as "vulnerable plaques." Thin fibrous caps, big necrotic lipid cores, internal hemorrhage in plaques, large amount of macrophage infiltration in fibrous caps or plaques are also vulnerable plaques, which were closely related to cerebral apoplexy.
For over two years, the wide use of ganglioside injection for the treatment of cerebral apoplexy, child cerebral palsy, dementia and spinal cord injury has further driven the rapid growth of nervous system drugs in hospitals.
(*8) Reported in "Research on evaluation of the quality of the cerebral apoplexy medical treatment using the regional crisis registration of cerebral apoplexy" (Lead researcher: Kazuo Suzuki), a comprehensive research project on health science commissioned under Health Labour Sciences Research Grant.
Emily Stoney (1897) discussed pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, treatment, and differential diagnosis for cerebral apoplexy. Although nurses were not diagnosing patients, Stoney encouraged them in her writings to remember that alcohol intoxication should be considered.
The National Institute of Health and Nutrition, for example, did not include any questions regarding eye health in a recent annual report of consumer health concerns in Japan (diabetes, cerebral apoplexy and nutrition were the major issues).
I will also submit to this session of the Diet a bill to provide for the creation of the means to promote the health of our people to achieve the goal of greatly reducing the number of elderly people who need nursing care and patients afflicted with lifestyle-related diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral apoplexy, so that more people can enjoy healthy and active lives as they grow older.
The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry implemented trial runs in 1999 and 2000 in Kanagawa and Okayama prefectures, and the ministry estimates deaths from cerebral apoplexy, traffic accidents and other situations requiring immediate medical attention, were nearly halved as a result.
Evaluation criteria of clinical neurological functional impairment in patients with cerebral apoplexy. Chin J Neurol.