Cerebral hemispheres

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Cases relate to symptoms involving muscle weakness, pain, the peripheral nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, the spinal cord and roots, the brainstem, the cranial nerves, the cerebral hemispheres, and the cerebellum, basal nuclei, and hypothalamus.
The split-brain patient is a person who has undergone surgical resection of the corpus callosum, the main fiber tract that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres, thus disconnecting the two halves of the cortex.
Superior sagittal sinus, the largest dural venous sinus, runs in sagittal plane and drains most of the blood from the surface of both cerebral hemispheres. It also receives blood from diploic, meningeal and emissary veins.
[22,23] Schizencephaly, which is a rare congenital (present from birth) brain malformation, in which abnormal slits or clefts form in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain was noted in 1 patient.
A team of university professors in Japan examined the links between brain structure and happiness and found that happier people had a larger volume of grey matter in the precuneus, an area in the brain sandwiched between the two cerebral hemispheres that studies have linked to memory retrieval.
Medical device company Cerebrotech Medical Systems stated on Friday that it has passed US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) clearance for the Cerebrotech Visor for use as an aid in the assessment of fluid volume differences between the cerebral hemispheres in patients undergoing neurologic assessment.
(ii) A second set of VOIs was automatically generated in the cortex and the striatum by using the regions proposed by the PMOD rat brain template, to study the evolution of [[sup.18]F]FDG PET signal in these specific regions in both the ipsilateral and contralateral cerebral hemispheres. PET signal uptake was averaged in each ROI and expressed as percentage of injected dose per cubic centimetre (%ID/cc), and the hemispheres ratios were considered.
She had a repeat CT the next day that demonstrated large areas of low attenuation in both cerebral hemispheres consistent with acute ACA and MCA infarcts [Figures 2(a) and 2(b)].
CTP was done postoperatively showing no asymmetry in the perfusion of the 2 cerebral hemispheres. On postadmission day 8, the patient developed new right-sided weakness; the noncontrast CT scan excluded the presence of hypodensities other than the perihematoma edema around the left frontal bleed.
During the first three postoperative days the patient was delirious; further MRI of the brain three days after operation showed multiple hemorrhagic lesions involving both cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum and a cystic lesion in the basal ganglia region (Figure 5).
While glioblastoma is often located in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, it can be found anywhere in the brain or spinal cord.