Cerebral hemispheres

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Medical device company Cerebrotech Medical Systems stated on Friday that it has passed US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) clearance for the Cerebrotech Visor for use as an aid in the assessment of fluid volume differences between the cerebral hemispheres in patients undergoing neurologic assessment.
Tuberculomas were frequently located in cerebral hemispheres (88.
While glioblastoma is often located in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, it can be found anywhere in the brain or spinal cord.
The report mentions " extravasation of blood covered right frontal to right occipital region" as well as " diffused sub- dural haematoma covered both cerebral hemispheres, including their under surfaces".
Low-grade glial tumors in adults are more commonly located in the cerebral hemispheres, more commonly located in the supplementary motor cortex and the insula7.
Objective: To determine the difference in the frequency of middle cerebral artery (MCA) ischemic strokes between left and right cerebral hemispheres in the adult patients admitted to the Military Hospital (MH) Rawalpindi.
An increased extra axial CSF space along both cerebral hemispheres with mildly dilated ventricular system representing mild cerebral atrophy was also seen in the index case.
This area houses the cerebral hemispheres, which are responsible for higher functions like memory, communication and thinking.
An MRI examination of the head revealed confluent signal hyperintensity on T2 and FLAIR pulse sequences in the subcortical white matter of the cerebral hemispheres bilaterally (Figure 2).
Neuroimaging can confirm PRES, with MRI illustrating subcortical edema in the posterior regions of the cerebral hemispheres without infarction [1].
Neurologic examination was consistent with an intracranial disease affecting both cerebral hemispheres.