cerebral peduncle

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Noun1.cerebral peduncle - a bundle of myelinated neurons joining different parts of the brain
nerve pathway, nerve tract, pathway, tract - a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain
forebrain, prosencephalon - the anterior portion of the brain; the part of the brain that develops from the anterior part of the neural tube
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sup][24],[25] The percentages of corpus callosum, basal ganglia, thalamus, and dorsal brain stem involvement were significantly higher in the group affecting subcortical white matter than in the group affecting periventricular white matter, while the involvement of cerebral peduncles showed no difference between the two groups.
CT scan and MRI shows typical signs in form of localised oedema in brainstem, cerebellar white matter, cerebral peduncles, posterior limb of internal capsule, globus pallidus, perirolandic white matter.
Signal intensity was observed at the bilateral globus pallidus, hypothalamus, bilateral cerebral peduncles, nucleus ruber, pons posterior, cerebellar dentate nuclei, bilateral periventricular deep white matter, and subthalamic nuclei and secondary ischaemia on T2-weighted images (Figures: 1a and 1b).
1) The 'roots' of the molar tooth are represented by thick, perpendicular, non-decussated superior cerebellar peduncles, while the 'body' of the molar tooth is formed by the cerebral peduncles of the brainstem with a deep interpeduncular fossa (Fig.