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 (sĕr′ə-brə-sīd′, sə-rē′-)
Any of various lipid compounds that contain glucose or both galactose and glucose and are found in the brain and other nerve tissue.

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(Biochemistry) biochem any glycolipid in which N-acyl sphingosine is combined with glucose or galactose: occurs in the myelin sheaths of nerves
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(səˈri brəˌsaɪd, ˈsɛr ə-)

any of a class of glycolipids that occur in the myelin sheath of cerebrospinal neurons.
[1883; < Latin cerebr(um) brain + -ose2 + -ide]
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nutans contains important constituents such as phenolics, flavonoids, stigmasterol, [beta]-sitosterol, lupeol, betulin, chlorophyll derivatives, protocatechuic acid, C-glycosyl flavones, vitexin, isovitexin, shaftoside, isomollupentin, 7-O-[beta]-glucopyranoside, orientin, isoorientin, cerebrosides, steroids, triterpenoids, glycerides, monoacylmonogalactosylglycerol, and sulfur-containing glucosides.
The major principle phytochemical constituents of Clinacanthus nutans are stigmasterol, [beta]-sitosterol, lupeol, betulin, six known Cglycosyl flavones, vitexin, isovitexin, schaftoside, isomollupentin, 7-O-[beta]-gluco pyranoside, orientin, isoorientin, two glycoglycerolipids, a mixture of nine cerebrosides and a monoacylmonogalactosylglycerol, and five sulfur-containing glucosides [19].
Therapeutic properties and potential health benefits of sea cucumbers can be attributed to the presence of an extensive array of bioactive compounds including chondroitin sulfates, sulfated polysaccharides, sterols, cerebrosides, peptides, triterpenoid glycosides (saponins), etc.
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The discovery of bioactive compounds and therapeutic properties isolated from sea cucumber such as chondroitin sulfate, triterpene glycosides (saponins), lectins, heparin, cerebrosides, gangliosides, bioactive peptides, sterols, and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids leads to potential drug development in various pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, functional foods, and nutraceuticals industries.
Eicosenoic acid is important in the production of cerebrosides, which are components of nerve membranes and the "white substance" of the brain.
Furthermore, SC contains many biologically active ingredients such as schizophyllan (SPG) (Kumari et al., 2008), cerebrosides (Kawai and Ikeda, 1985) and lectins (Chumkhunthod et al., 2006), which are known to possess cardiovascular effects.
The first part of the volume is organized by chemical class, covering monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, triterpenes & steroids, essential oils, phenolic compounds, phenylpropanoids, coumarins, flavonoids, quinones & benzophenones, xanthones & anthranoids, lignans & stilbenes, tannins, alkaloids, and ceramides & cerebrosides. For each of these classes biosynthesis, structural diversity, and known pharmacology are touched upon.
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The myelin glycolipids all contain ceramide as a basic subunit and can be subdivided into cerebrosides and gangliosides, depending on the attachment of different oligosaccharide groups to a sphingoid base Figure 4).