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(Placename) the Romanian name for Chernovtsy


(ˌtʃɜr nɔfˈtsi, -nɒf-, ˌtʃɛr-)

a city in SW Ukraine, on the Prut River: formerly in Romania. 257,000. Cernăuţi.
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Cernauti era a capital da Bucovina, uma regiao atribuida a Romenia, quando a dupla monarquia austro-hungara se desintegrou, ao final da Primeira Guerra Mundial.
In Hirsch's case, her parents strolled down their prewar main street Herrengasse in Czernowitz, which later became Iancu Flondor in Romanian Cernauti, and is today Kobylanska in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
He had initially left his hometown of Cernauti, the capital city of Bukovina, taken over since 1944 by the Soviet armies, and had spent about three years in Bucharest (1945-1947), in a final period of cultural effervescence under the sway of the second Romanian surrealistic wave and before the establishment of communism in Romania.
1935): "Kulturpflanzen und Holzreste aus del praehistorischen Spanien und Portugal", BulletinulFacultatii de Stiinte din Cernauti, IX (1), 2, pp.
In 1918 at the end of World War I, when Romania gained its full national unity, State Archives were established in three new historical regions: at Cluj (1920) for Transylvania, at Cernauti (Cernowitz) (1924) for Bukovina and at Chisinau (Kishinew) (1925) for Bessarabia.
The dark side of this history is the center of this book's research: the 1941 Ghetto of Cernauti and the deportation of more than 20,000 of its Jews to Transnistria during World War II.
Most notable among them is Traian Popovici, the mayor of Cernauti in Bukovina.
The behavior of Berzescu's gendarmes contrasts favorably not only with those of Dragulescu but also with those of Legion Commander Major Constantin Cichendel, in charge of the neighboring Cernauti county.
Despues llego la prensa revolucionaria y republicana y, luego la represion de la revolucion de 1848 (6), y las gacetas publicadas por nuestros compatriotas expatriados en Paris, en Bruselas o mas cerca en Brasov en Transilvania, o en Cernauti (Cernowitz) en Bucovina.
Paul Celan (Paul Antschel, 1920-1970) was born in Romanian Cernauti, formerly Czernowitz Bukovina, now Chernivtsi Ukraine.
16, 1932, Cernauti, Romania [now Chernivtsi, Ukraine])