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An extensive savanna region of south-central Brazil. Originally providing habitat for a wide assortment of wildlife, much of the Cerrado is now used as rangeland for grazing cattle.


a vast area of tropical savanna in Brazil
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cae dentro del sistema cerrado o dentro del sistema abierto de interpretacion de sus representaciones?
Matadero, un historia de suspense y humor negro de diez episodios con final cerrado que tiene un gran reparto.
In Brazil, the Cerrado Biome has the fastest and most intense land use conversion because it is the area of expansion of the agricultural frontier.
Charles joined senior executives from firms like Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Unilever and McDonald's as they announced they had signed a letter of support for the Cerrado Manifsto - aimed at tackling soy bean-driven deforestation of the Cerrado area of Brazil.
A composicao e a distribuicao da flora do Cerrado tambem sao bastante heterogeneas, tornando a sua conservacao complexa e dependente da identificacao de grupos fitogeograficos em nivel local e regional (BRASIL, 2002).
The aim of this study was to evaluate the behavior and quantify the microbial biomass of the soils under riparian forest (RF) and cerrado in the Pocone, MT, Pantanal reigion.
These results demonstrate that the different phytophysiognomies of the Cerrado biome exhibited differences in the capacity to accumulate C in the soil.
Anthropogenic impacts can lead to a structural evolution from open to closed vegetation, with increased biomass reported in various areas of the Cerrado (Moreira, 2000).
The Brazilian Cerrado is one of the ecosystems with the greatest biodiversity found in Brazil and comprises riparian forest, seasonal semideciduous forest, seasonal deciduous forest, and wet grasslands (Forzza et al.
Nesting habits of Centris (Hemisiella) dichrootricha (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in the Northern Cerrado of Brazil.
The cerrado is the second-largest brazilian biome; it covers twelve states and occupies an area equivalent to approximately 25% of the national territory.
Nas ultimas decadas cerca de 50% da area original do Cerrado foram convertidas em areas antropizadas como as atividades agropecuarias, extrativismo mineral, aumento populacional e construcao de estradas ou barragens para hidreletricas (ALHO; MARTINS, 1995, p.