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An extensive savanna region of south-central Brazil. Originally providing habitat for a wide assortment of wildlife, much of the Cerrado is now used as rangeland for grazing cattle.
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a vast area of tropical savanna in Brazil
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The soil was collected in two phytophysiognomies: riparian forest and cerrado, at depths of 0.00-0.05 m and 0.05-0.20 m.
The Cerrado is the second largest biome in Brazil, occupying 22% of the Brazilian territory, with phytophysiognomies that vary from open grasslands to forests (Ribeiro & Walter, 1988).
In November last year, ABS-CBN chief financial officer Aldrin Cerrado said the company in reviewing its mobile business strategy, in a bid to trim down the losses of ABS-CBNmobile.
In Brazil, the Cerrado Biome has the fastest and most intense land use conversion because it is the area of expansion of the agricultural frontier.
Charles joined senior executives from firms like Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Unilever and McDonald's as they announced they had signed a letter of support for the Cerrado Manifsto - aimed at tackling soy bean-driven deforestation of the Cerrado area of Brazil.
UNEMAT C5 (135.286 un [ha.sup.-1]) and UNEMAT C5 populations (104.237un [ha.sup.-1]), as well as BRS Rubi do Cerrado commercial cultivar (133.786 un [ha.sup.-1]) showed the highest number of fruits; however, for UNEMAT C5 population, it did not reflect productivity, and BRS Rubi do Cerrado and UNEMAT S10 were the most productive (27,509 and 25,958 kg [ha.sup.-1], respectively) (Table 2).
O objetivo principal deste trabalho e expor mais de perto o universo cultural e ambiental das populacoes que habitam o sul do estado do Maranhao, a partir de dados coletados na pesquisa: "As comunidades sertanejas da area de abrangencia do Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas e a sua interacao com o bioma Cerrado: entre o cotidiano vivido e experienciado em suas dimensoes socioculturais e ambientais", realizada entre 2012 e 2014, na area do Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas (PNCM), sul do Estado do Maranhao, municipio de Carolina e adjacencias.
(Malpighiales: Caryocaraceae) trees have a wide distribution in the Brazilian Cerrado (Brandao & Gavilanes 1992; Bridgewater et al.