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(səˈri təs)

a city in SW California. 58,520.
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Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the at the el cerrito swim center located at 7007 moeser lane in el cerrito, ca at 2:30 pm, on tuesday, october 24, 2017.
Using the system to examine large hospital databases for relationships between physician practices and patient outcomes, Cerrito is said to be solving patient care problems that have existed for years.
But my confidence began to wane when I started to explore the Web site for our neighborhood school, El Cerrito Elementary, in Corona, California.
New Branch Office Planned for El Cerrito Plaza as Online Broker Increases Presence in East Bay to Provide Local Customer Service
For its retro-commissioning project that reduces campus energy costs by $25,000 per year, Cerritos College has received the California Community Colleges Board of Governors 2017 Energy and Sustainability Award.
com)-- Synergy Oil and Gas, LLC, Chief Executive Officer John McKeown announced today the formation of a new entity, Beach Oil Minerals Partners, LLC, which will be responsible for overseeing the Los Cerritos Wetlands restoration and oil consolidation project.
CERRITOS -- In the last four years, the city of Cerritos issued a historic high of 708 business licenses.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 27, 2015-Nordstrom announces opening of new Rack store in Cerritos, California
The tag-and-recapture experiments with purple snail were performed on two rocky beaches: Playa Cerritos at the Pacific (23[degrees]19'54"N, 110[degrees]10'38"W) and at Punta Perico at the Gulf of California (24[degrees]01'54"N, 109[degrees]48'21"W) (Fig.
Canyons gets first win: Jackie Ruiz, a former Village Christian High of Sun Valley standout, had 14 kills to lead the College of the Canyons women's volleyball team to a 30-27, 27-30, 30-26, 30-15 victory against visiting Cerritos.
11/Wi-Fi and pre-WiMAX technologies, has launched a pilot program to provide Wi-Fi access for the Cerritos on Wheels (COW) public transportation system in the City of Cerritos, Calif, according to Aiirmesh Communications CEO, Tony Esfandiari.
section] 1828(c)) ("Bank Merger Act") to merge with Cerritos Valley Bank, Artesia, California ("Cerritos"), (2) also a state member bank, with Bank as the surviving institution.