Cerro Gordo

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Cerro Gor·do

A mountain pass of southeast Mexico between Veracruz and Mexico City. It was the site of a US victory (April 18, 1847) in the Mexican War.

Cerro Gordo

(Spanish ˈθɛrrɔ ˈɡorðo)
(Placename) a mountain pass in E Mexico, between Veracruz and Jalapa: site of a battle in the Mexican War (1847) in which American forces under General Scott decisively defeated the Mexicans

Cer•ro Gor•do

(ˈsɛr rɔ ˈgɔr dɔ)
a mountain pass in E Mexico between Veracruz and Jalapa.
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In 1993, he became chief of the Cerro Gordo Unit School District, a rural Illinois district, in which he served for six years.
TABLE 2 Ten Essential Environmental Public Health Services Addressed by Grantees, End of Year One Core Functions Assessment Policy Development Grantee ES1 ES2 ES3 ES4 ES5 Cerro Gordo X X X County, IA Connecticut X X X X Duval County, FL X X X Florida Department X X X X of Health Louisiana X X X Maine X X X X New Hampshire X X X X New Mexico X X X New York X X X Ohio X X X Oregon X X X X Core Functions Assurance Grantee ES6 ES7 ES8 ES9 ES10 Cerro Gordo X X County, IA Connecticut X X Duval County, FL X X Florida Department X X of Health Louisiana X Maine X X X New Hampshire X X X X New Mexico X X X New York X X Ohio X X Oregon X X
Swansea in California was once a booming "silver town" on the eastern shore of Owens Lake and owed its success to silver-mining operations in the nearby Cerro Gordo Mines in the late 1860s.
In Iowa, Cerro Gordo County Democratic chairman John Stone said he expected the email issue to ''burn out.
TSX: G, NYSE: GG) announced today that its subsidiary, Minera Penasquito, has reached a definitive court approved settlement with the Cerro Gordo Ejido relating to surface land rights to 600 hectares (approximately 1,483 acres) of land located within the confines of the Penasquito Mine site.
Bement, Illinois Cerro Gordo, Illinois Cerro Gordo Savings & Loan, s.
17, 2013, is now operating at the Cerro Gordo County Jail, located in Mason City, Iowa, serving more than 170 inmates.
While there, she heard about "this ecological model community called Cerro Gordo in Cottage Grove.
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, managed by Federated Telephone Cooperative, provides communications services to business and residential subscribers in the communities of Bellingham, Marietta, Cerro Gordo and West Marietta.
This service is to be available to all 22 counties of the Second District Boone, Bremer, Butler, Calhoun, Carroll, Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardin, Humboldt, Marshall, Mitchell, Pocahontas, Sac, Story, Webster, Winnebago, Worth and Wright.
Minera Penasquito") and authorized representatives of the Cerro Gordo Ejido with a view to reaching a mutually beneficial settlement of a land claim.