Certified copies

those which are made or attested by officers having charge of the originals, and authorized to give copies officially.
- Abbot.

See also: Copy

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Downer Place, Suite F, Aurora, to request certified copies of their child's birth records, Clerk John A.
Islamabad -- Clarifying a press release of Vice Chairman of Pakistan Bar Council, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has said that the Supreme Court had announced the verdict of Arslan Iftikhar case in 2012 and NAB had received certified copies of verdict in July 2019.
Clarifying a press release of Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council, a NAB spokesman said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had announced the verdict of Arslan Iftikhar case in 2012 and the bureau has received the certified copies of verdict in July 2019.
Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs minister, Mr Ngaka Ngaka says certified copies are valid until the expiry date of the original document.
officially certified copies of documents on educational attainment (diploma including certificate of state final examination and, if applicable, evidence of further education)
It wanted the certificates of search, certified copies of respective deed files and certified copies of respective correspondence files.
Moreover, the accountability bureau has sought complete record in original and certified copies of the following record:
The judge said that when the lawyer accepted brief to appeal against the trial courts decision and proceeded to lodge the memorandum of appeal, he was bound to go with it to the end.Mr Ngaah further noted that among the documents the residents who appealed the case were supposed to file were a memorandum of appeal, the pleadings of the petition as well as the typed and certified copies of the proceedings.
The judgment was given in a civil appeal filed in July last year by Khurram Shahzad against a decision of the AJK High Court on his plea that he had been denied certified copies of the record to establish his claim about merit.
Jacinto Paras on Monday asked the National Bureau of the Investigation (NBI) for certified copies of documents in preparation for the filing of an impeachment complaint against Commission on Elections Commissioner Juan Andres B.
Further it is also apprehended that free of cost certified copies provided by the Commission are misused, which are ultimately charged to the companies by the third parties.
(2) That vide letter dated 30-4-2013, our Client has already provided the Commission with certified copies of the minutes of the extracts of sad annual general meeting along with all necessary documents within the period prescribed under section 54 of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 (the "Ordinance") which had been received by the Commission.

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