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n.1.(Chem.) A radical, C27H55 supposed to exist in several compounds obtained from Chinese wax, beeswax, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Snider on August 17, 1946 and was the loving mother to 5, Roger (Linda) Snider, Kathy (Phil) Nelsen, Scott (Ceryl) Snider, Kimberly (Rex) Entsminger, and Karen (late Jeff) Stoffel.
The book also has a chapter about ladies such as Mannon Lloyd Williams, Ceryl Jones, Ailsa Orlik, Siwan Elenid who have represented Wales and clubs such as Everton, Liverpool and Cardiff City.
Ceryl Evans, Capability Brown Festival 2016 director, explains: "In the 18th century, Brown did not have access to motorised machinery and other technology, work had to be done by hand.
L'Algerie sera representee par une delegation de Raouraoua, Halilhodzic, Zefzef (vice-president de la FAF), Sadi (charge des equipes nationales) et Ceryl Moine (preparateur physique).
But since their 11-year-old son Macsen lost his brave fight against a rare form of leukaemia on October 17 last year, the kindness of friends, family and complete strangers has helped Paul, Ceryl and their children Elinor and Taliesin through the grieving process.
Deionized water 50.000 Triethanolamine 0.800 Jeesperse ICE-T LB21 (Jeen) 7.500 (Ceryl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, glycol stearate, acrylates CI0-30 alkyl crosspolymer) Glycerin (96% USP) 4.000 Petrolatum 3.000 Jeechem IPP NF (Jeen) 3.200 (Isopropyl palmitate NF) Deionized water 28.180 Jeesilc PDS-350 (Jeen) 2.000 (Dimethicone (polydimethylsiloxane) Lactic acid (UPI) 0.0100 Citrus fragrance (West Fragrance) 0.400 Dissolvene Na2 (AkzoNobel) 0.010 (Disodium EDTA) Titanium dioxide ultra tine (Kobo) 0.300 Jeecide DM DM Hydantoin 0.600 (DMDM hydantoin) Formulation 2: Revitalizing Night Cream Ingredients %Wt.
Elwyn Griffiths, Caernarfon, mam annwyl Alwena, Ceryl a'r diweddar Eifion, mam yng nghyfraith Dafydd, Ros a Des, nain garedig Iwan, Llio, Osian, Gerallt, Heledd, Steffan, Tomos a Ffion, hen nain i Megan, Bryn, Maldwyn, Gethin, Gethin Sion, Llywelyn a Cai.
Cassiaindoline (alkaloid) [18]; chrysoeriol; kaempferol; quercetin; 5,7,4'- trihydroflavanone; kaempferol-3-O-b-D- glucopyranoside; kaempferol-3-0-b-D- glucopyranosyl-(1-->6)-b-D-glucopyranoside; 17- hydrotetratriacontane; n-dotriacontanol; palmitic acid ceryl ester; stearic acid; palmitic acid [19]; kaempferol-3-O- gentiobioside; aloe emodin [20]; alquinone (anthraquinone) [21]; chrysoeriol-7-0-(2"-0-b- D-mannopyranosyl)-b-D-allopyranoside; rhamnetin- 3-0-(2"-0-b-D-mannopyranosyl)-b-D- allopyranoside (flavonoid glycosides) [22].
pluricaulis and reported the presence of scopoletin, P-sitosterol and ceryl alcohol (Deshpande 1969a, 1969b).
The company has also encouraged young emerging yacht interior designers in this region such as Ceryl Beiri from CBD in Dubai.
Centre half Lyndsey Johnson was a dominant figure for the Blues and her display impressed watching National Women's team manager Hope Powell, while Welsh international Ceryl Foster had a good game for the Reds.
But Bangor manager Keith Fearns is able to call on the services of four other Wales players: goalkeeper Nicky Davies, midfielder Tania Jones and strikers Ceryl Jones and Cheryl Foster.