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Noun1.Cesar Franck - French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890)
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First up, the leader of Slaithwaite's very own Philharmonic Orchestra, Michelle Northam, will join Chris on her violin to play orchestral classics such as Cesar Franck's dramatic and demanding 'Violin Sonata'.
answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Cesar Franck; A marsupial; Corfe Castle; 2012.
Sunday, March 18, the "Horn and Pipes" concert will feature Mary Jo Neher, horn and Joseph Burgio, organ, performing music by Camille Saint-Saens, Cesar Franck, Arcangelo Corelli, Bernhard Krol, Faust and Jean Sibelius.
It will begin with romantic pieces by Gabriel Faure and continue with colourful works by Claude Debussy, ending with the magical sonatas by Cesar Franck.
His Dumfries concert will include sonatas by Scarlatti and Beethoven and works by Cesar Franck, Chopin and also John Ireland (with support from the John Ireland Charitable Trust) - a truly exciting piano recital by a virtuoso pianist.
Cesar Franck: "Prelude, Fugue and Variation:" active in Paris, the composer based this work on a German form of music, the Prelude and Fugue.
We need to hear more Cesar Franck. Historically speaking, Debussy is meaningless without him - and his blend of fervent Wagnerian harmonies with high Gothic grandeur makes Franck's orchestral music intoxicating listening.
"Style, Performance Practice, and Reception in the Prelude, Chorale and Fugue: Placing and Performing Cesar Franck", by Richard Langham Smith, opens the third section and is concerned with the reception history of this piece and chamber works by Franck that include piano.