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Noun1.Cesar Ritz - Swiss hotelier who created a chain of elegant hotels (1850-1918)Cesar Ritz - Swiss hotelier who created a chain of elegant hotels (1850-1918)
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Those experiences drove Cerqueda to pursue a diploma in hotel management at Cesar Ritz Colleges and a food and beverage course at Les Roches international hotel school in Switzerland.
Swiss Cesar Ritz, the former manager of The Savoy, opened The Ritz on May 25, 1906.
Named after Cesar Ritz - founder of Hotel Ritz in Paris and The Ritz in London - the awards are known as the Oscars of the hotel industry and are presented to hotels which have demonstrated excellence in their field.
Opened in 1898 by Swiss entrepreneur Cesar Ritz, the Ritz has served as the backdrop to several key moments in French history.
The new general manager has completed a strategic management course in hospitality administration/management from Cornell University, USA and holds an MBA from Cesar Ritz University in Switzerland.
Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz, known as the king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings, founded the Hotel Ritz in Paris and Ritz Hotel in London in the late 1800s.
Cesar Ritz, the founder of the Ritz hotel chain, came from which country?
Interestingly, the RitzCoffier at Burgenstock Resort's Palace Hotel pays tribute to Auguste Escoffier and Cesar Ritz. The world's first celebrity chef and its first luxury hotelier, whom the restaurant is named after, met in Lucerne.
Her career started with Cesar Ritz Colleges and then eventually joined the London team for the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Visit Flanders where she held positions in MICE and international marketing.
Originally from Australia, Marcus went to Macquarie University and the International College of Management in Sydney, Australia, and Institut Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Le Bouveret, Switzerland.
He was studying hospitality and hotel management at Cesar Ritz College in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Named after Cesar Ritz, they are seen as the Oscars of the hotel industry, and the guide's co-editors, Adam Raphael and Desmond Balmer, cited "sumptuous guest rooms with deep mattresses and top-notch bed linen", a "stylish restaurant" and an "awardwinning wine list" when they singled out the "expertly run" Grove for the Welsh crown.