a.1.Giving way; yielding.
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EndNote for iPad's support documentation is robust and easily ac cessible.
site improvements in cluding ac cessible parking, path of travel, bus and passenger loading, fire ac cess, fire hydrant, storm drainage and plumbing.
As my colleague at Sedgwick LLP, Valerie Shea, wrote 12 years ago, "The crushing load of rules under which we labor has not made the civil justice system more moral, more ac cessible, or more predictable.
An anonymous Pastebin user has claimed to have compromised almost seven million Dropbox account credentials (emails and passwords)posting the first 400 diby since ATMs are in cessible by the general public 24/7.
Our goal with this online series was to create compelling content which would engage and excite this new audience, and make it ac- cessible for them to consume and share.
Data from the Health Insurance Fund (responsible for public health care in Estonia) have been publicly ac cessible only in two recent years.
Situated in the heart of the village yet enjoying southerly rural views, it is in the much sought-after Vale of Glamorgan and is easily ac- cessible to Cardiff and the M4.
Common problems are: video not displaying, servers not being ac cessible, continual application crashes, etc.
La foret tropicale des Kasua est aujourd'hui multi-investie : elle represente simultanement, c'est-a-dire synchroniquement, un espace satanique, un objet de droit cessible, monnayable, et donc mesurable en metres cubes, un objet naturel de recherche scientifique, et finalement un sanctuaire naturaliste.
EU membership will be a huge advantage because it will increase the size of the cessible market," says Petros Mavromichalis, top aide to the head of the Enlargement Directorate at the European Commission.
Demystifying and debunking the world of interiors is as much a part of her agenda as making a magazine that is ac cessible and desirable to a whole new market.