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n.1.(Law) One who neglects, for two years, to perform the service by which he holds lands, so that he incurs the danger of the writ of cessavit. See Cessavit.
1.An assessor.
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Near to the top, these two centuries, as the testi- mony goeth, brought down to us through our prede- cessors.
With a length of 4,826mm, a width of 1,860mm and a height of 1,430mm, the new E-Class Coup clearly outstrips its prede- cessor in terms of length, width and height.
What's more, Sorrell's suc- cessor will have to be somebody who can maintain the high- level client contacts that he does.
ham Norton, who guided ewers through the grand n BBC One, led a toast to his cessor Sir Terr T y Wogan.
He also reacted to his prede cessor He also reacted to his prede cessor Johann Lamont's incendiary exit interview Johann Lamont's incendiary exit interview in the Record, in which she accused some in the party hierachy of treating Scottish Labour like "a branch office".
The new X5 is powered by BMW's new xDrive50i engine, with several tweaks to its predeA[degrees] cessor adding a tangible oomph to the V8.
Performance, obtained with the use of vector extension (single instruction multiple data or SIMD) SSE and AVX pro cessor instructions, also turns out to b e limited by memory bandwidth.
Young Artist Woodwind: Tyler Cessor, Minnesota; Eugene Rousseau, teacher
Make sure professional liability insurance continues to cover work done by the prede cessor firm for the applicable statute of limitation period.
Occupational employment level and difference in share in the ownership change subsample and the control subsample, 2000-06 Percentage-point difference between predecessor and successor Ownership employment share change subsample Occupational Group Owner- ship Control Pred- Suc- change sub- ecessor cessor sub- sample employ- employ- sample (1) ment ment Occupational groups less likely to be retained Computer and mathematical science -0.
Amy Cessor, 22, a pre-nursing student, also was unaware that she was paying the fees.
MARK HUGHES: Souness' suc cessor at Blackburn has done well in his first job in club management.