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Noun1.Cestum - Venus's girdleCestum - Venus's girdle      
ctenophore genus - a genus of ctenophores
Cestidae, family Cestidae - coextensive with the order Cestida; ctenophores having a greatly flattened and elongated body
Cestum veneris, Venus's girdle - ctenophore having a ribbon-shaped iridescent gelatinous body
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For example, one of Herbert's most commented upon poems in recent decades has been a Latin poem about beauty in blackness, "Aethiopissa ambit Cestum Diversi Coloris Virum." Although Wilcox refers to the poem several times in her notes, the rather arbitrary exclusion of Latin poetry from the volume prevents a more thorough-going analysis of the important social issues of race and class in Herbert's poetic world.
Por otro lado se cree que realmente es originario del Amazonas tanto colombiano como brasilero, ya que es donde se masifican la mayoria de especies pertenecientes al genero Cestum (C.
Adapted to limitless, featureless blue surroundings, this planktonic ctenophore, Cestum, lives near the ocean surface.