ceteris paribus

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ce·ter·is par·i·bus

 (kā′tər-ĭs păr′ə-bəs)
adv. Abbr. cet. par.
With all other factors or things remaining the same.

[New Latin cēterīs paribus, with other things equal : Latin cēterīs, ablative pl. of cēterus, the other, the rest + Latin paribus, ablative pl. of pār, equal.]

ceteris paribus

(ˈkɛtərɪs ˈpɑːrɪbʊs)
other things being equal
[C17: Latin]
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Adv.1.ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
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Thus if one takes the stand that time-specific effects are not relevant in this analysis, then the results support the general theory: Increasing average tax rates hurt state income growth, ceteris parabis, while increasing government spending rates cause state growth to rise.
The evidence from the previous sections indicates that higher state average total tax rates, ceteris parabis, do alter state growth, even after adjusting for the potential contributions of public spending and federal aid, but only in the short run.