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a.1.Of or pertaining to a whale.
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21) Pedro Reis, a member of CETIC [Centro de Estudos de Texto Informatico e Ciberliteratura, established in the late 1990s at the University Fernando Pessoa], authored one of the first extensive studies of electronic poetry in Europe, focused on the French group L.
Perspectiva Estrategica de la Unidad de Contenidos Educativos en Tecnologias de Informacion y Comunicacion CETIC
Meanwhile 26-year-old Fletcher will go straight into the Vikings squad for the clash with Cetic Crusaders on Sunday and McCormack is pleased to have him on board.
Newcastle Cetic and Cramlington Juniors Porsches shared the points in a 3-3 draw.
I am particularly pleased to have a home draw first as Cetic Park has been good to us all the way through.
CETIC will transfer the hydropower plant to Cambodia after 30 years of operation.
Sonner admits he feels for his Northern Ireland team mate Neil Lennon, who since joining Cetic has been targeted for a abuse from Rangers' supporting Loyalist fans.
Most Cetic fans knew before the game there would be dubious decisions.
Porte Yes No DK/NR Total 35 61 4 10-49 31 65 4 50-249 51 46 3 250 or more 72 27 1 Source: Adapted from CETIC (2011) Figure 1.
First Place--Zaklina Cetic *, Anne French *, Yuri Kim *, Arkadiusz Piasecki.