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a.1.Of or pertaining to a whale.
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21) Pedro Reis, a member of CETIC [Centro de Estudos de Texto Informatico e Ciberliteratura, established in the late 1990s at the University Fernando Pessoa], authored one of the first extensive studies of electronic poetry in Europe, focused on the French group L.
And he now faces the biggest test of his bid to land the Cetic job permanently.
br/); and for the Center of Studies about Information Technology and Communication or CETIC.
Flexiant is joined on this project by CETIC in Belgium, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, OpenNebula Systems in Spain, IBM Haifa, Universita di Messina, Italy and Lufthansa Systems in Germany.
But now, aged just 37, Ricksen has been diagnosed with the same killer condition which took the life of former Cetic great Jimmy Johnstone.
EURO ACES Cetic v Ajax could be the type of games to be played in Dublin
Industrially-focused academic groups are vital in the development of a knowledge-based economy and the Centres of Excellence can make a significant contribution to the development of individual companies and the Welsh economy,' he said The Cetic Programme will also raise the profile of Wales as a location of research excellence for potential inward investors.
During these tests, the presence of a Head of Operation will be required to CETIC.
That day Cetic were in a very different place from where they are now.
DEPARTED Cetic star Liam Miller should be grateful he had Martin O'Neill as a boss at Parkhead and not Jose Anigo.
MAS Cymru will also be working closely with other centres of expertise, particularly those within the WDA's CETIC programme.