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n.1.(Chem.) A white, waxy substance, forming the essential part of spermaceti.
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National Infrastructure, Reduced Regulation: CETIN was created following the voluntary structural separation of the company from O2 Czech Republic (O2) in 2015.
Records show Cetin showed little emotion and demurred when asked repeatedly by investigators to give a reason for the killings.
Cetin had two different blogs on micro-blogging site Tumblr that were linked together, and one of those was also linked to his Twitter account, according to the (http://www.
Cetin, who is originally from Turkey, is a legal permanent resident of the US who had been living in Oak Harbor.
Cetin's family, who immigrated from Turkey when Cetin was a child, was said to be cooperating with authorities.
However, I must accept the Turkish judicial systems verdict and be thankful justice has been served for Marian and Cathy with the sentencing of Recep Cetin.
Cetin M, Kocaman SA, Erdogan T, Durakoglugil ME, Cicek Y, Bozok S, et al.
Ali Cetin (TKO round one), Josh Reed (decision), and Ryan Legge (round two submission) all got well-deserved wins.
Muhammad Cetin visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) to discussed ways and means to explore and create joint venture opportunities between the two countries.
Then an ambitious 30-yarder unleashed wildly by centre-back Cetin hinted at a growing sense of frustration in home ranks.
Hikmet Cetin, the former Turkish deputy prime minister and the senior NATO civilian in Afghanistan from 2003 - 2006, was in Ottawa in mid-March to discuss the state of affairs in Afghanistan and present $10,000 to the Canadian Hero Fund on behalf of the Turkish government.
Davutoglu also paid visits to Deputy Turkey Armenian Patriarch Aram Atesyan, Turkey Syrian Ancient Community Metropolitian Yusuf Cetin, Acting Catholic Patriarch of Turkey's Assyrians Yusuf Sag and Chief Rabbi of Turkey's Jews Isak Haleva on Saturday.