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A constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Eridanus.

[Latin cētus, whale, from Greek kētos, sea monster, whale, of unknown origin.]
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n, Latin genitive Ceti (ˈsiːtaɪ)
(Astronomy) a large constellation on the celestial equator near Pisces and Aquarius. It contains the variable star Mira Ceti
[Latin: whale]
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(ˈsi təs, ˈseɪ-)

n. gen. Ce•ti (ˈsi taɪ, ˈseɪ ti)
the Whale, a constellation lying above the equator.
[< Latin; see cetacean]
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Noun1.Cetus - a large constellation on the equator near Pisces and Aquarius
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"Don't tell me, Maggie; Sunt etiam volucrum -- Sunt etiam volucrum -- ut ostrea, cetus "
NGC 105 lies about about 52 million light-years away in the direction of Cetus.
The district court ruled for Stanford, holding that although Holodniy assigned all his rights in his inventions to Cetus, Holodniy never had the right to assign because under the BDA's hierarchy of rights, Stanford had paramount title.
Speed of the winds around a quasar in constellation Cetus compared with the highest sustained winds seen in any of Earth's hurricanes
BG Freight Line BV vessel, Cetus J, berthed at DP World's London Gateway before making her scheduled visit to Teesport.
Cetus J is the first feeder vessel to berth at London Gateway making Teesport the first port to receive a vessel of this type from the London based port.
In addition to Aquarius and Capricornus, the central members of the Water are Piscis Austrinus the Southern Fish, Pisces the two Fishes, and Cetus the Whale.
Cetus PAO oils are designed to meet the requirements of modern higher output, more efficient air compressors and are formulated with polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids.
It was found in the galaxy NGC 1015 at a distance of 127 million light-years in the constellation Cetus, the sea monster.
In science, where can you find Cetus, Phoenix and Fornax?
The Cetus Dissolution System from Two Square Science was developed to streamline testing in both R&D and quality environments.
One of these is Cetus, commonly known as 'the whale' but also as the 'sea monster'--which is perhaps a more accurate description from legend.