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A constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Eridanus.

[Latin cētus, whale, from Greek kētos, sea monster, whale, of unknown origin.]


n, Latin genitive Ceti (ˈsiːtaɪ)
(Astronomy) a large constellation on the celestial equator near Pisces and Aquarius. It contains the variable star Mira Ceti
[Latin: whale]


(ˈsi təs, ˈseɪ-)

n. gen. Ce•ti (ˈsi taɪ, ˈseɪ ti)
the Whale, a constellation lying above the equator.
[< Latin; see cetacean]
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Noun1.Cetus - a large constellation on the equator near Pisces and Aquarius
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It is possible that this is exactly what is happening with Markarian 1018 - a galaxy located 555 million light-years from Earth in the Cetus constellation.
Scientists are thrilled to have caught this fading phenomenon in action, right after it started to happen to a supermassive black hole at the core of Markarian 1018, a galaxy in the Cetus constellation. This is the first such thing we've ever studied.