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 (syo͞o′tə, thĕ′o͞o-tä, sĕ′-)
A Spanish city of northwest Africa, an enclave in Morocco on the Strait of Gibraltar. A flourishing trade city under the Arabs, it was taken by the Portuguese in 1415 and passed to Spain in 1580.


(Spanish ˈθeuta)
(Placename) an enclave in Morocco on the Strait of Gibraltar, consisting of a port and military station: held by Spain since 1580. Pop: 74 931 (2003 est)


(ˈseɪ u tə, -tɑ)

a seaport and enclave of Spain in N Morocco, on the Strait of Gibraltar. 71,403.
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I will add," I continued, "that a similar barrier exists between Gibraltar and Ceuta, which in geological times formed the entire Mediterranean.
For instance, being captured, tried, and sentenced to what they call 'the galleys,' in Ceuta.
Our vital new leads helped Interpol snare the 50-year-old in Ceuta - and moves were immediately made to return him to the UK.
The fugitive teacher was spotted in Morocco last year and finally tracked down in Ceuta.
Ceuta was probably the most important trading entrepot on the North African littoral - and Portuguese interest in capturing the medieval city was two-fold.
both excited and apprehensive to be back on my home continent after so many years,'' writes Rhodesian native Megan Timothy from Ceuta.
While the inept wars of conquest in north Africa further exposed the corruption and disintegration of the Spanish state itself, they also converted Ceuta and Melilla into a breeding ground for the reactionary strain of nationalism and militarism with which the Spanish officer corps was infected.
Edwin Bessant, CEO of the Ceuta Healthcare Group, commented: "With the new website, we're giving people an easy and convenient way to find the health and beauty products they need online.
Only two people were allowed into Ceuta to be taken to hospital while the rest were returned to Morocco, the Spanish government said in a statement.
Wahbi, de 33 anos, hasta antes de inmolarse --el 1 de junio de 2012--era taxista en Ceuta, la ciudad autonoma de Espana en el norte de Africa.
Police say the network was based in Ceuta and the Moroccan city of Fnideq.
A Spanish government representative in Ceuta told AFP the bus was carrying Portuguese tourists who arrived on Wednesday morning in Ceuta on a cruise ship.