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n. pl. qi·paos

[Mandarin qípáo, loose gown worn by Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty, cheongsam : , banner, any of the eight administrative units into which the mostly Manchu ruling class of the Qing Dynasty was organized (from Middle Chinese gı̷i, from Old Chinese *gəi) + páo, long gown, robe (from Middle Chinese pɦuaw, from Old Chinese *bû).]
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(2.) Shan takes his categories here from Ya Hsuan, "The Ice-Breaking Journey--the Bilingual World of Chin Yang Lee's Writings," an introduction to Chin Yang Lee's first collection of short stories written in Chinese, Ch'i-p'ao ku-niang, translated into English as Changsan Girl (Taipei: Chiu-ke, 1996).
One of the best buys around though has to be the Ch'i-P'ao, a traditional Chinese-style dress.
Look out for a Ch'i-P'ao with a bit of Lycra to help keep its shape.