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15) "Vanne, ucellino, a quella mia nimica / Un fidel servo ch'in voi sola crede / Se 'l carcer ruppi, e fuor del mio costume / O mal guidato ocel disceso in terra / Io cerco solo amar la mia fenice" (Rossi 38).
This is the position which all Chinese leaders, from the Emperor Ch'in to Mao, have felt to be rightfully theirs.
and General in Ancient China: Three Shih Chi biographies of the Ch'in Dynasty (255-206 B.
The Cambridge history of China--the Ch'in and Han empires, 221 BC--AD 220: 1-19.
Non fu Nireo si bel, non si eccellente di forze Achille, e non si ardito Ulisse, non si veloce Lada, non prudente Nestor, che tanto seppe e tanto visse, non tanto liberal, tanto clemente, l'antica fama Cesare descrisse; che verso l'uom ch'in Ischia nascer deve, non abbia ogni lor vanto a restar lieve.
It derives from the Han Dynasty history's explanation of the way the Ch'in legalists united the empire by policies of wealth and strength (Jansen 1968, 320-321).
Se veder ti potesse, o summo bene, inclita mia speranza, o vita mia, beato mi terrei in queste pene e questa morte non mi doleria; o quanta doglia l'alma mia sostiene, o quanto voluntier ti vederia"; e tanto fu il dolor che gli ha sentuto ch'in terra come morto fu caduto.
108) In his Historical Records (Shiji 5EFS), Sima Qian quotes the philosopher Jia Yi, who wrote: "The First Emperor of Ch'in, harbouring an avaricious heart and following a selfassertive mind, not trusting his meritorious vassals or keeping close to intellectuals and commoners, abolished the kingly way of ruling, established his personal authority, banned writings and books, stiffened punitive laws, promoted craft and power, neglected benevolence and righteousness, and made tyranny the first rule of the world" (Shiji 6:283).
3: The Western Ch'in in Kansu in the Sixteen Kingdoms Period and inter-relationships with the Buddhist art of Gandhara.
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