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 (shă-blē′, shä-, shăb′lē)
1. A very dry white Burgundy wine originally from east-central France.
2. A blended white table wine of California.

[After Chablis, a village of north-central France.]


(ˈʃæblɪ; French ʃabli)
(Brewing) (sometimes not capitals) a dry white burgundy wine made around Chablis, in central France


(ʃæˈbli, ʃə-, ʃɑ-, ˈʃæb li)

1. a dry white wine from the Burgundy region of France.
2. a similar wine produced elsewhere.
[1660–70; after Chablis, a town in the region]
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Noun1.Chablis - a town in north central France noted for white Burgundy wines
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
2.Chablis - dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling itChablis - dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling it
white wine - pale yellowish wine made from white grapes or red grapes with skins removed before fermentation
Burgundy wine, Burgundy - red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)
References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless, just in front of the extreme end of the iron seat stood a small round restaurant table, and on this stood a small bottle of Chablis and a plate of almonds and raisins.
A roasted mallard duck, thought Soapy, would be about the thing--with a bottle of Chablis, and then Camembert, a demi-tasse and a cigar.
I recalled that the steward, in serving us, had recommended an excellent Chablis which, no doubt, had come from the professor's table.
Stepan Arkadyevitch slowly emptied his glass of Chablis, never taking his eyes off Levin.
CHABLIS is one of the the most famous names in the world of wine.
Morrisons Chablis Premier 2013 Like chablis, I've drunk too many bland Beaujolais wines yet I've also downed a few recently that have really hit the mark.
Located on Highway 1 along California's Central Coast, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Morro Bay offers visitors a wide variety of wine experiences from Chablis Riverboat Cruises on the bay and quaint wine tastings at local wine bars, to savoring local Morro Bay oysters paired with local wine or kayaking out to a special location for a picnic with your favorite vino.
William Fevre Limited Edition Hipster Chablis 2013 (PS16.
William Fevre Edition Chablis It's not a hugely robust red but with flavours of red fruit paired with hints of vanilla and spice it can still hold its own with meat dishes.
With a population of 2,500, Chablis is French charm exemplified, an oasis of calm where time hasn't just stood still, it feels like it's gone backwards.
Sainsbury, PS10) "Not your classic, steely chablis as it actually tastes of the grape it's made from: chardonnay, but it is a lovely pure, melony wine.
SAM WYLIE-HARRIS heads to Burgundy and samples those fine white wines of Chablis FAMOUS, French and fancy; the wines of Chablis are borne from the vineyards lying on either side of the River Serein which flows through the pretty village of Chablis in the most northerly region of Burgundy.