Chaenomeles japonica

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Noun1.Chaenomeles japonica - deciduous thorny shrub native to Japan having red blossomsChaenomeles japonica - deciduous thorny shrub native to Japan having red blossoms
flowering quince - Asiatic ornamental shrub with spiny branches and pink or red blossoms
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Ask at your local garden centre for one of the following - Chaenomeles japonica, chimonanthus praecox, cornus mas, erica carnea, garrya elliptica, hamamelis mollis, helleborus hybrida, jasminum nudiflorum, lonicera 'Winter Beauty', mahonia spps, prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis', rhododendron praecox, sarcococca spps, viburnum farreri and V.
For example spiraea nipponica (bridal wreath) and chaenomeles japonica (flowering quince) both hail from Japan, whereas wisteria sinensis and camellia sinensis (the tea plant) come from China.
As for the plants, there are several which will grow happily such as Jasminium nudiflorum, the wall-hugging Hydrangea petiolaris, and the flowering-quince Chaenomeles japonica, which although commonplace can be a spectacular spring shrub.