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Noun1.Chaenopsis - a genus of fish of the family Clinidae including pikeblenniesChaenopsis - a genus of fish of the family Clinidae including pikeblennies
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Clinidae, family Clinidae - viviparous blennies of temperate and tropical seas
pikeblenny - tropical American fishes; males are aggressively defensive of their territory
bluethroat pikeblenny, Chaenopsis ocellata - found from Florida to Cuba
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1a Large ocellus present in posterior portion of dorsal fin (between 22nd to 27th dorsal-fin spines); dorsal fin wholly of spines Paraclinus integripinnis (Labrisomidae) 1b No ocellus in dorsal fin as above; dorsal fin with both spines and soft-rays 2 2a Greatest body depth into total length more than 10 times; more soft-rays than spines in dorsal fin Chaenopsis alepidota (Chaenopsidae) 2b Greatest body depth into total length less than 8 times; more spines than soft-rays in dorsal fin 3 3a Maxillary extending well behind eye 4 3b Maxillary not extending behind eye 6 4a Supraorbital cirri divided from base; no large ocellus in center of membrane between 1st and 2nd dorsal spines; total gill rakers 18-22; head length 4.
Es de gran importancia senalar que de las especies capturadas, 14 no habian sido reportadas para el Golfo de Cariaco: Chaenopsis resh (Robins & Randall 1965), Doratonotus megalepis (Gunther 1862), Xyrichtys novacula (Linnaeus 1758), Xyrichtys splendens (Castelnau 1855), (Cryptotomus roseus Cope 1871), Sparisoma atomarium (Poey 1861), Synodus synodus (Linnaeus 1758), Hemiramphus balao (Lesueur 1821), Decapterus punctatus (Cuvier 1829), Bothus lunatus (Linnaeus 1758), B.
New island records of six tropical species Azurina hirundo, Apogon guadalupensis, Scorpaenodes xyris, Chaenopsis alepidota, Chaetodon falcifer, and Chilomycterus reticulatus) from the northern Channel Islands extend the northern range of these species.