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n.1.(Zool.) The arrangement of bristles on an insect.
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The new genus constitutes a monophyletic group within Neanurini, with the following autapomorphies: reduction of labial chaetotaxy with 6 setae only, division of DL-tubercles on 2nd and 3rd thoracic tergites, presence of only 1 Di-seta on each side of Th.
Dorsal chaetotaxy and ornamentation similar to female specimens.
There were no discernible differences in the general appearance of the chaetotaxy of legs and urogomphi between the western and eastern populations although the small number (n = 3) of and the poor condition of the New York larvae made the comparison tentative.
However, males and females are identical in the general coloration of the body (especially the legs), thoracic chaetotaxy, wing pattern of spots and wing venation.
Chaetotaxy of pedal coxae: I: 5, II: 5-9, III: 16-18, IV: 60.
How predatory mites cope with the web of their tetranychid prey: a functional view on dorsal chaetotaxy in the Phytoseiidae.
Variation in the chaetotaxy and denticulation of Sarcoptes scabiei (Acarina: Sarcoptidae) from wild canids.
ground plan of chaetotaxy of the genus and phylogenetic analysis.
Sakimura (1967) examined 24 females and nine males and concluded, on the basis of weak differences in colour and chaetotaxy, that two subspecies could be distinguished.