Chaff cutter

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a machine for cutting, up straw, etc., into "chaff" for the use of cattle.

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Tenders are invited for SUPPLY OF Rotavator, Loading Transport Vehicle & Chaff Cutter BY THE MANUFACTURER
Theuri's hand was severed by a chaff cutter in Kiambaa at 11am on January 26.
A chaff cutter slices the maize instead of squeezing the milk from the maize cob.
The fodder to be ensiled should be chaffed in the small pieces (1-2 cm) by using the chaff cutter.
There were a dozen easy ways to die out there: kicked by a horse, shot by a gun, thrown from the sulky, drowned in the dam, bitten by a snake, fell asleep in the sun, caught in the chaff cutter, burst appendix, laryngitis, childbirth.
Over 500 examples of Elliott's chaff cutter were manufactured, and the clever little machine went on to produce a large proportion of the chaff dropped by Allied aircraft over Europe.
For Hod, Soil Science, Coa, Purchase Of Tractor, Reversible Mb Plough, Harrow, Cultivator, Rotavator, Leveller, Ridger, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Sprayer, Thresher, Straw Baler, Height Attachment For Inter-Culture, Potato Planter, Potato Digger, Chaff Cutter With Blower And Trailer-One No.
Lundy has developed the AN/ALE-43(V) chaff cutter dispensing system, which enables an EW operator to select various lengths of chaff dipoles while in flight.
Tenders are invited for 2 HP Single Phase Chaff Cutter
In the red force arsenal were 12 F-16s (six with the ALQ-188), four Canadian CT-33s (equipped with the ALQ-188, -176 and the Swedish A-100), two Canadian CE-144As, five EC-Lear-35s (equipped with the DLQ-3C, ALQ-176, chaff cutter and communications jammer), two EC-144s (with the DLQ-3B, chaff cutter and communications jammer), a KC-135, one KC-10 and nine B-52s (carrying the -172 and ALT-28).
Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract Of Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Approximate1000 Nos Electricity Operated Chaff Cutter