Chaff cutter

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a machine for cutting, up straw, etc., into "chaff" for the use of cattle.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We later added two more Friesian breeds, constructed a zero-grazing unit and bought a chaff cutter," says John.Today, the farm boasts of 12 Friesian dairy cows, with the brothers milking 100 litres daily from four that are lactating.
A woman died after she had had her clothe stuck in a chaff cutter in Ganda Singh Wala, said police.
Showing off his Maynard's chaff cutter was society chairman Merfyn Jones, Bryneglwys.
Theuri's hand was severed by a chaff cutter in Kiambaa at 11am on January 26.
The fodder to be ensiled should be chaffed in the small pieces (1-2 cm) by using the chaff cutter.
There were a dozen easy ways to die out there: kicked by a horse, shot by a gun, thrown from the sulky, drowned in the dam, bitten by a snake, fell asleep in the sun, caught in the chaff cutter, burst appendix, laryngitis, childbirth." When Antonio, the sensitive and elegant POW, woos her, Gin begins to dream of a life elsewhere.
The hackselmaschine and the schneidelade (I translate them as "chaff cutter" and "chopping chest") are German names for devices once used by farmers to chop straw, hay and corn fodder into short pieces easily digested by livestock.
Over 500 examples of Elliott's chaff cutter were manufactured, and the clever little machine went on to produce a large proportion of the chaff dropped by Allied aircraft over Europe.
Maize for silage sits on four acres.He harvests the fodder and chops it into small pieces using a chaff cutter before feeding the animals.
New exhibits expected this year include a Ferguson Hammer Mill, Chaff Cutter with Wolsey Elevator, an early Volvo Combine Harvester and a 1932 Morris Commercial Truck.