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Noun1.Chaim Soutine - French expressionist painter (born in Lithuania) (1893-1943)
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Two years earlier, in 1912, the impoverished 19-year-old Chaim Soutine had arrived in Paris with 50 rubles in his pocket and speaking no French.
Hence, though the museum's extravaganza included the usually acknowledged British "greats"--Bacon and Freud occupied its core, while the predictable male mainstream figures William Coldstream, Walter Sickert, and Stanley Spencer received prominent placement--it was also spiced with unusual, international flavors: Along with Souza, we got a peek at Alberto Giacometti and Chaim Soutine too, thanks to their sojourns in London.
Some 30 paintings by Expressionist Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) highlight the unique visual conceptions and gestural energy the artist brought to the tradition of still-life painting.
Taking an interest in art at a young age, Twombly was particularly fascinated by the Dada movement, surrealism and the art of Kurt Schwitters, Chaim Soutine and Lovis Corinth.
Featuring color art on every page, this book accompanies an exhibit at The Courtauld Gallery in London, highlighting the work of painter Chaim Soutine in Paris in the 1920s-30s.
Chaim Soutine's portraits of staff in fashionable hotels and restaurants in Paris such as Maxim's in the 1920s are regarded as some of his finest works.
The lost painting at the heart of the book is The Bellhop, a fictional amalgam of Chaim Soutine's bellboys and hotel porters.
Chaim Soutine, the Russian emigre painter, lived in Ceret for a period and painted many landscapes of the village and its surrounds.
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle New Bridge Street (0191 232 7734) Out Of Chaos: An exhibition of works by 50 international artists including Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine and Alfred Wolmark, which address the universality of migration and resulting issues of identity and belonging.
Chaim Soutine prefers static objects, having issues with what can only be considered "performance anxiety" with live models, a nervousness about their immediacy and nudity.
On retrouve cet esprit dans les portraits de Chaim Soutine, de Moise Kisling, et meme dans cet etonnant autoportrait, ou il se peint en Pierrot, comme un clin d'œil a la Commedia dell'arte de son pays natal.
Artist records were set for Chaim Soutine, Peter Doig and Jean Dubuffet, whose 'Paris Polka' fetched $24.8 million, more than tripling the old mark.