Chain cable

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a cable made of iron links.

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"What dud he do ot Voloparaiso but land sux hundred fathom o' chain cable an' take never a receipt from the lighter-mon.
The team was led by the ship's Engineering Officer and comprised other specialist officers including Seamanship Instructor, Anchor Chain Cable Specialist and Machinery Specialist.
Recently, for example, the company has incorporated energy chain cable management and distribution systems into its list of options to ensure every customer gains further from a fundamental part of almost every installation.
igus (East Providence, RI) has unveiled the E4-1 Energy Chain cable carriers, which combine low noise, ruggedness, and modularity.
Igus makes energy chain cable carriers, Chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglide plastic plain bearings, DryLin linear bearings and guide systems and igubal spherical bearings.
The new cables are a culmination of igus' Chainflex CFBUS.055 FireWire cable and its Energy Chain cable carriers.
It offers the benefits of a traditional Energy Chain cable carrier, including cable protection, extension of service life and elimination of maintenance and downtime.
In 1946, he moved to Henry Wood of Cheshire, a third subsidiary, to become managing director and spent 13 years overseeing the manufacture of chain cable.
The world-famous firm was founded by Noah Hingley, who started making chain cable for ships in neighbouring Cradley in 1820.