Chain coupling

A shackle for uniting lengths of chain, or connecting a chain with an object.
(Railroad) Supplementary coupling together of cars with a chain.

See also: Chain, Chain

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For applications where corrosion is prevalent, Tsubaki recommends the use of the nylon chain coupling, which although outright torque transmission capacity is lower than the steel version; it does not require lubrication and ensures that the environment around the coupling is not contaminated with grease.
Keeping in view, the above mentioned limitations of the conventional coupling, we propose the design of an adjustable roller chain coupling which can be adjusted according to the requirement with regard to the shaft diameter.
w] at 170[degrees]C is probably associated with strong chain coupling with a chance of gelation; whereas at 190[degrees]C, rearrangements and chains scissions due to the thermoreversibility of the urethane bond (25-31) presumably become non-negligible and result in partial but irreversible degradation of the material due to the excess NCO groups released in that case.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Plate Belt Feeder Chain Coupling Pin And Polished Metal Ring 2 Items
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 3/4" X 7/16" Flexible Chain Coupling With Pilot Bore With Aluminium Cover, Maximum Hub Dia Of The Coupling: 4 11/32", Maximum Dia Of The Coupling: 5 15/16", Maximum Width Of The Coupling: 4 3/4", Applicable Chain Pitch: 3/4"(19.
Some of these include: the invention of the revolutionary Weston Screw Load Brake; the world's first alloy chain; the Hammerlok, the world's first mechanical chain coupling link; the first worm gear actuator business; and the early development of the rack and pinion mechanical jack.
At Great Lakes Industries the uncommon is common when it comes to making mechanical power transmission products; such as: roller chain sprockets, roller chain couplings, spur gears, torque limiters, synchronous sprockets and general machining.
Contract award: the contract is for the supply of miner jsw sa mining link chains, chain routes for scraper conveyors and connecting links, locks and chain couplings with a total of 77 497.
Akron Akron Alsop Special Steel Industrial Machinery Fabricators Services Mills/Calenders Regrind rolls Cut connecting gears Replace bronze sleeve bearings * Make low speed chain couplings * Build motor starters * Build mill bases * * * Rebuild gear reducers * * Install microprocessor controls * * Presses Remachine main cylinder * * Furnish hydraulic units * * Install microprocessor controls * * Rebuild the ram * * Rework bolster guides * Build complete control panels * * Rework the gland ring * * Install microprocessor control * * panels Internal Mixers Remachine mixing chamber Rebuild gears * * Heavy equipment handling * * capability Verify integrity of rebuilt * * parts Rebuild rotors and grind to * * spec.
Contract notice: Supply of welded mesh lining and chain couplings to branches coal company sa in 2014-2015.
Contract award: the contract is for the supply to the mines of jsw sa link chains for mining, routes chain to chain conveyors, connecting links, locks and chain couplings with a total of 49 113 m and 6 371 units of maturity of 12 months from the date of the agreement.