Chain tie

1.(Arch.) A tie consisting of a series of connected iron bars or rods.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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UP TO 200 jobs could be axed after it was revealed retail chain Tie Rack is preparing to close its UK-based stores.
Rail technicians provide technical experience, loading, chain tie down, unchain and off load service, all with only one bill of lading.
Retail chain Tie Rack yesterday posted its fourth profit warning to the City in less than 12 months.
Shop chain Tie Rack showed red yesterday as the company revealed a thumping loss.
"At one point they supplied the Department of Defense with 87 percent of all available 89-foot chain tie down cars in the inventory to support the warfighter."
Shares in shop chain Tie Rack fell yesterday as the company warned profits were unlikely to meet expectations for the half year.
Shops chain TIE RACK has taken an pounds 8million beating.
Stores chain Tie Rack yesterday warned of a profits slide.
While the chain ties its front-end offerings closely to the pharmacy with a strong health and wellness emphasis, it has been able to expand its front-end business by filling the gap left by retailers that have exited some of the communities it serves.
The economic, personal and supply chain ties bring countries closer together and build cooperation and understanding between people--from U.S.
To convince Japanese enterprises, TSEC has focused its solicitation efforts in Japan on enterprises that have set up supply chain ties with Taiwan's manufacturers.