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Noun1.Caitra - the first Hindu calendar month (corresponding to March in the Gregorian calendar)
Hindu calendar - the lunisolar calendar governing the religious life of Hindus; an extra month is inserted after every month in which there are two new moons (once every three years)
Hindu calendar month - any lunisolar month in the Hindu calendar
Ramanavami - Hindu lunar holiday (on the 9th day of Caitra) to celebrate the birth of Rama
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Vinay Mulgundmath, Chaitra Aaradhya, Dhriti Aaradhya and Geeth Aaradhya
Similar results were seen in study done by Chaitra K M et al.
According to historical records, celebrations of Pahela Baishakh, started from Emperor Akbar's reign when it was customary to clear all dues on the last day of the Bengali month of Chaitra with businessmen opening "halkhata" or new book of accounts in their shops.
Those, who are enjoying power at present, have recalled 26 Chaitra as the founding day of present political change.
With 17 teams putting in their best creative as well as engineering minds into each final product, selecting a winner was a tough task for the panel of judges that comprised esteemed artists and members of the Qatar Fine Arts Society - Chaitra Somanath, Seetha Menon and Swapna Namboodiri.
The Telugu new year falls on Chaitra Shudda Padyami, that is a day after the first new moon after the sun passes the equator on the spring equinox, based on the Hindu lunar calendar.
A temple in Bihar was filled with screams and panic after a teenaged girl scooped out her left eye to offer it to a deity during the ongoing Chaitra Navratra--a popular nine-day festival of Hindus --to appease the Goddess.
In spring, Sul comes at the start of the month of Chaiter (Chaitra), whereas in fall it comes at the end of the month of Pasheekal (Sawan).
Yet, on the third day of Chaitra, when the moon and stars jittered into the right places in the night, messages were drummed to the men of Konkan district that Mohanappa would, in the manner of the ancients, hold a May swayamwaram for his daughter Shivani.