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A flat steel ring with a sharpened outer edge, thrown as a weapon.

[Sanskrit; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]
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Tenders are invited for Annual repair maintenance of bs fence sh replacement old rusted b/wire and c/coil i/c painting of angle iron post and bs fence gate in aor of bop chakram of 183 bn bsf under shq raiganj.
ChAkram also announced that PCRWR would provide free of cost water testing facility to the flood-hit people for next six months.
The actor's stylish look in the movie's posters was much talked about and some even compared it to his look in the 1996 super hit film "Dharma Chakram.
Jack Bauer suffers the deaths of friends and loved ones to counter terrorism and keep his nation free; Xena: Warrior Princess wields a mean chakram to fight for the greater good.
Her funeral prayer will be offered at Shami road, Cavalry Ground, Lahore at 10:00 am and she will be laid to rest in her native village Chakram Divali near Faisalabad.
1990s: Warrior princess Xena develops her own unique chakram style.
For instance, Xena has her sword - the Chakram - and a torch which enables her to breathe fire and Gabrielle has a staff, plus a variety of exotic kicks and moves.
But while Xena wears a leather basque and wields a chakram (a lethal metal frisbee) she speaks in the slacker jargon of the shopping mall.
Tenders are invited for Repair/maintenance and overhauling of iron removal filtration plant at bops shivrampur, chakram, saligram and sobra of 183 bn bsf under shq bsf raiganj